A Mom Made Packing Of School Lunches Into A Growing Business

Laura Fuentes became a mother for the first time in 2006. She had gone away from an employee of some corporation into a new career of being a businesswoman. Starting from wanting to provide healthy food to her kids, Laura ended up creating a packed-lunch business called ‘MOMables’.

After leaving the corporate world and going through the struggles of motherhood, Laura had done many side hustles for that extra income until one day her daughter inspired the whole business idea. She had been passionate about providing her kids healthy packed-lunches and one time, when her daughter expressed appreciation, she found the idea intriguing to expand towards the business sector.

Since then, MOMables has taken off and now has a community of 2 million parents, a YouTube channel with a solid fan base, and even offers online courses in relation to planning a family meal. Here are some of the lessons she shared about what she had learned:

  • Take care of the monthly commitments.
  • In order to get a reward, learn to risk financially.
  • Set your time as of great importance.
  • Being a mother and an entrepreneur can be done in balanced situations.