An Entrepreneur Created A Social Network For Helping Working Moms Thrive

Katya Libin became a mother at the age of 25. Her career was growing steadily at that time, and when she welcomed motherhood, she encountered many challenges including difficulties having a community to seek guidance. Because of that, she decided to launch ‘HeyMama’, a social group involving entrepreneurial mothers.

Katya belonged to a family of US immigrants. Even as a kid, she already got the work ethic from her parents and that was the main factor for her motivation to succeed. She grew up with the goal of being financially independent by starting to get jobs during her teenage years.

Fast forward, Katya, after finishing college, landed a job in a tech company. She became so essential that she received a high salary upon her first year of employment. Later on, she was pregnant. After giving birth to her daughter, she struggled in finding mom-friends and that became her inspiration to create HeyMama.

As an entrepreneur and a mother at the same time, she offers the following advice to women who have similar struggles with her.

  • Accept help when it is needed.
  • Find common grounds between motherhood and work.
  • Don’t settle for mediocrity.
  • Handle money as honest and transparent as you have to.
  • Reach out to a community and be available to help.