Just For Mom

Quarantine Gave Me A Realization Just How Essential Mom-Friends Are

It only took a few weeks for the COVID-19 to be a global pandemic and all countries have been exercising strict quarantine measures since then. We cannot go out whenever we wanted. As a mom, it was only just a slight improvement in my busy day.

However, when I committed a slight mistake, I felt a sudden rush of emotions. I started to cry and felt weakened as if I was a burden. Truth to be told, I haven’t felt like this when I had to deal with the hard changes of my children and even my parents, for it was my obligation as a mom to be strong.

I called my friend and instantly she knew what I was going through. She dubbed that feeling as a ‘bleh’ moment. Although the said feeling was not new, because of this quarantine, it has been amplified by the lack of personal connection with special people who understands motherhood.

The quarantine showed how important it is to take care of mental health and how helpful it can be if you reach for guidance from the right persons. Since then, I and my friend had been scheduling video calls talking about the struggles of being a mom.