Weight Loss Tips

Top 4 Weight Loss Tips for Busy Parents

Achieving weight loss can be a daunting task if you wont understand the concept of weight loss by supercharging the metabolism, especially when you have kids to attend to. If your newborn hasn’t sleep throughout the night or has woken up as early as 4 a.m., chances are, you won’t have the energy to work out or at least make a decent meal for the day.

If you want to achieve your desired weight amidst the busy day and lack of sleep, here are simple tips to make losing weight much easier.

Eat Breakfast!

Morning is the busiest day for a parent. After all, trying to get the whole family out of the door can be stressful. However, skipping meals is not a good idea for weight loss. If you are having a hard time with time management in the morning, eat your breakfast in advance.

Oatmeal is one of the healthiest breakfast options. It gives your body more proteins, fiber, and varieties of vitamins such as iron, manganese, and phosphorus. Oatmeal is also known for reducing cholesterol in your body thus good for the heart.

Have Enough Sleep

This may be hard for a parent, especially when you have a newborn kid. However, having enough sleep is like giving your body enough time for digestion. Moreover, getting at least 8-hour of sleep reduces stress and improves your energy for the day.

Sleep is also helpful for your ghrelin and leptin hormones. These hormones play a significant role in reducing your appetite. Leptin is responsible for the rise of your fat levels while the ghrelin hormone is activated when your stomach is empty.

When you have a lack of sleep this would result in low ghrelin and leptin which in turn would inhibit hunger.

Don’t Eat Your Kids’ Leftovers

Parents have their habit of cleaning their kids’ plates by eating their leftovers. A few bites of a burger or a handful of fries here and there mean more calories.

While you’re only eating a few calories, studies have shown that an extra 10 calories a day will result in a 1 pound gain a year.

Exercise with the Kids

It would be difficult for you to hit on the gym, but it doesn’t mean you can skip a workout. Having a kid means you have a little one that needs your attention. Cherish the time while they are still kids as they will not be that young forever.

So bring the stroller and go for a walk in the park or the neighborhood. In this way, you are not only losing weight but also having deeper connections with your children. The good thing about having children is their high energy which makes an effective workout.


The lack of time is what makes most parents gain weight and unhealthy. Dieting and working out is a difficult task and it is, even more, a struggle when you have to devote time for your kid as a full-time parent.

Lack of time means grabbing unhealthy food, eating the kids’ leftovers, and eating chocolate when things get stressful. Hopefully, this article allowed you to gain some insight on how to lose weight even as a busy parent.