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Quarantine Gave Me A Realization Just How Essential Mom-Friends Are

It only took a few weeks for the COVID-19 to be a global pandemic and all countries have been exercising strict quarantine measures since then. We cannot go out whenever we wanted. As a mom, it was only just a slight improvement in my busy day.
However, when I committed a slight mistake, I felt a sudden rush of emotions. I started to cry and felt weakened as if I was a burden. Truth to be told, I haven’t felt like this when I had to deal with the hard changes of my children and even my parents, for it was my obligation as a mom to be strong.
I called my friend and instantly she knew what I was going through. She dubbed that…

Just For Mom

Habits Of A Very Happy Mother

Motherhood is a tough job especially when the kids are still small. If you want to battle all that sadness and worries, overcome those obstacles by developing the following habits:

Ask help from the right persons whenever it is need
Learn to do outdoor activities
Plan fun getaway activities
Provide some personal reward for a certain achievement
Show sweetness to the husband as often as you can
Maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly
Have some personal time with friends
Interact with other neighboring mothers
Learn to be contented with the good…

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The Other Postpartum Problem: Anxiety

Postpartum Depression is no joke, and it involves such extreme negative feeling that takes psychological treatment just to fix it. It has a cousin called ‘Postpartum Anxiety’ and involves such a common personal reaction – worry.
Postpartum Anxiety may not seem as extreme as Postpartum Depression; however, because it feels ‘natural’ to worry, the problem can go undetected and unchecked.
Here are the common signs of a mother having Postpartum Anxiety:

Worrying excessively
Dreadful feelings
Racing thoughts
Lack of focus
Disturbance in …